Short stories tagged with Revenge Killing

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A small town police chief is in over his head when a local family's home burns down in an unexplainable fire, and the key witness to the tragedy claims it is the work of the devil. Determined to solve the mystery, the police chief tracks down the devil herself and must face the flames.

A travelling tool salesman arrives on the property of a poor farmer in rural mountain country and lies about his background and the quality of product to secure the sale. He meets a tragic end when his scheming is revealed, angering the prospect and his twin sons.

A man discovers his wife cheating on him with her colleague and resolves to kill him, but when the camping trip where he plans to follow through with his homicidal ideation brings him face to face with death, he must reexamine his past to fully understand what he has become.

Modern day America has descended into post-apocolyptic chaos as a result of a vampirism pandemic. A college aged girl determined to survive amidst the violence of the lawless society finally finds sanctuary at the cost of a mother and her vampire child.