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In a future where death is volunteered and the population is controlled, a soon-to-be father waits for his triplets to be born—and he must find three volunteers to die in order for them to live.

A 39-year-old war veteran returns to live with his mother after his wife kicks him out for domestic abuse. Suffering from what his mother believes is PTSD, the man becomes increasingly anxious and bitter. When the cops come looking for him for one of an assorted range of former crimes, a string of events ends with him shooting at the house of his grocery-store crush and running into the woods.

A dysfunctional couple argues while detectives search their Bay Area neighborhood for a man who stabbed a police officer.

An ex-marine bent on staying the head of his family robs a series of banks to make his mortgage payments until he crashes his car and his three sons--two cops and a prison officer--find the evidence. Rather than go to jail, he shoots himself in the hospital.

Anne Boleyn keeps dying at King Henry VIII's hands, but she never stays dead for long.

When a salesman runs out of gas on a road in rural Pennsylvania, he is suddenly shot at by a farmer who thinks he is in a war.

A man is forced to reconsider his suspicions of superstition when a racketeer decides the man is good luck.

Though it is not hunting season, a white trader takes two Navaho Indians to shoot a buck due to their starvation and the drought.

In Mississippi, a teenager comes home to find her mother murdered. It becomes clear to the girl that her father committed the crime, and she is forced to make a big decision in the court room.