Short stories tagged with Cults

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In a dystopian future, a man tries to convince his daughter not to return to the cult that has put her in debt through a disturbing, invented currency which bonds humans together.

When a pair of scientists studying the Badlands observe strange behavior in nearby animals, they too begin to fall under an evil influence that turns them against each other.

When a plane loadmaster is sent on a recovery mission for hundreds of bodies in a South American jungle, the cargo he picks up begins to haunt him and the other crew members.

A teenage girl living in an abusive church compound meets a farmer while evangelizing in the town. With the help of the farmer, she escapes from the compound.

After spending her life burning her written memories and deleting her own past to the point where her physical body is vanishing, a woman realizes that one of her lost memories may prevent a terrorist attack, and must try to remember all the lost pieces of her traumatic past.

On a business trip to Detroit, a naïve Swede catches feelings for a woman during a one-night stand, but her involvement with a cult prevents any potential future between them.

In a post-apocalyptic, futuristic city, a disabled cab driver gets recruited to help take down a terrorist cult led by "The Green Man."

A PhD student travels to a rural Southern town to research a folk hymn for his dissertation. His research leads him to the discovery of a malicious cult that performs horrifying rituals.

A man begins searching for another world after being told of a place he had never heard of from a friend. What he finds reveals a secret world that exists in the present-day society.