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In another world, an enslaved creature tries to gain her freedom, but she soon learns that life after escape is difficult to navigate.

After her husband's ex-wife's 9-year-old daughter visits, a woman is eager to return the girl and have time alone again. However, when she drops the girl off, she is appalled by the state of the girl's home and moved by the girl's desire to go back with her. The next day, she takes the child back in secret.

After his wife's death, a man struggles with his belief in God and with taking care of his young daughters as a single father. But when someone is brutally murdered in the rural countryside, the man finds both a welcome distraction in bringing justice to the killer and an unlikely ally along the way.

Two little girls form a tumultuous friendship that impacts each of their life's dreams and desires in deep, unconscious ways—a fact that only becomes evident when they reconnect many years down the line.

A woman recalls the terrifying ventriloquist dummies her father made when she was a child and how she destroys them in order to save her mother.

A woman goes to pick up a neon sign and is entranced by the sign maker. Her husband at home seems to be going crazy as he is obsessed with making wooden dolls.

A young man frustrated with living at his in-laws' house is triggered by gifted doll and lashes out at his wife.

Growing up, a girl and her brother perform a ritual with her dolls in the woods. Now an adult, the woman marries and must introduce her new husband to the ritual.

Set on Valentine's Day in 1938, the Chrysler Building in New York City walks over to the Empire Buildings to form a budding romance.