Short stories tagged with Confession

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The tragic loss of his childhood friend puts a boy on the path of religion - but his inner feelings remain as repressed and turbulent as they always were.

When his attempt at religious repentance fails, a troubled teenage boy with a reputation for being a bad boy ends up taking a school prank too far.

A professor of neurobiology describes to horrified police officers how he snapped under his famous physicist wife's controlling tendencies and murdered her.

When an elderly Polish American man goes to get his curtains cleaned, he becomes enamored by the widow curtain cleaner and must build the courage to tell her about his feelings.

A vicar-general living in New Orleans around the late eighteenth-century has several strange encounters when he decides to go on a walk late one night in a dangerous part of town.

A motherless young girl sent to boarding school by her single father is rattled by two women who begin to appear in her life in strange ways.

An embittered man's stepbrother has been incarcerated for drug possession. When the man visits him in prison, he learns that his stepbrother has been set up.