Short stories tagged with Killing

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After the entire world experiences a collective period of rage that leaves many dead and injured, a woman ventures out on her own, making allies and discovering the truth about those who've survived.

A mysterious force controls the white room, where famed princesses and fairytale characters are forced to fight for their survival - but the ending is never satisfying.

In New York city, a middle-aged man goes for a late-night drink at a familiar restaurant and provides brief respite to stranger who is waiting for a call about the execution of a man who killed his wife.

While watching his infant son, a man recalls an old memory from his adolescence involving a charming guest and his views on the nature of men and animals.

A boy witnesses his friend falling into hysterical killing spree of horses at a neighbors home, all supposedly for religious purposes.

Two natives, the last of the Injuns in a colonized land, discuss their plans to reclaim their land from the whites. However, the male native falls into a fatal accident while practicing his shamanism and the lone woman feels the aftereffects.

A group of experienced lion hunters from a nation renowned for the craft is slaughtered after being sent after a mechanical prey.

On the intelligence of a pilgrim, Gideon the Redeemer sets off to seek out a valuable hostage in the city of Bujumbura, showing no mercy in pursuit of his goal.