Short stories tagged with Injustice

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An aging couple living in post-Mao Beijing hide their disabled daughter from the world, and help a man conceal his affair as their own marriage is eroded by a secret.

A recently widowed painter invites her stepson over to gift him his late father's field journals, but the visit goes poorly when he brings his girlfriend and her young daughter.

When faced with cultural appropriation and police brutality, two Black women in different generations of the same family combine their ability to perform hoodoo with modern technology to remedy these abuses.

In the far future, a woman is selected to undergo a Great Becoming. As she is forced to choose what she will become, she realizes that someone people do not have to choose at all.

A mixed-race young man who passes as white hacks into his county's judiciary system to give a Black boy a fairer trial. Along the way, Russian hackers try to frame him for unspeakable crimes and destabilize America by inciting conflict about the boy's trial.

When a group of refugee cyborgs pose as a band of human restauranteurs to attain intergalactic freedom, one of them questions her allegiances.

A schoolmarm attempts to teach a group of men about justice, time, and irony in a repurposed saloon after they vote to have her hung for her disciplinarian ways.

A southern Nigerian woman lives through the colonial invasion of white Europeans, losing her son to assimilation and indoctrination that leads him to view her and her culture as savages. Decades later, her granddaughter, a historian, seeks to reclaim her past.

In a high tech, futuristic dystopian world where people's consciousnesses can inhabit the bodies of others, a poor young woman falls ill and her brother--who she has never met--appears to pay her hospital bills. But as the class-related injustice and intense authoritarian power of the government slowly reveals itself, a far sadder and twisted narrative comes to light.

A landlord kicks a Black man and his family off of their land, and when he protests against the landlord, the landlord has him arrested.