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A brilliant and disgraced AI scientist must return to the institution that turned their backs on her to save the world from destruction by AI ships.

A mystic woman rules over her island and recounts the journey she took to get there. From Boston as a young, Black girl to a wealthy French estate owner, nobody can seem to take their eyes off of her.

After a wedding in Ohio, a famous musician accidentally gets mixed up in a murder at the hotel.

After being struck by lightning, ruining her chance at the Olympics in a skiing accident, and dropping out of college, a bartender in a roadhouse in upstate New York tries to survive her shift on Lobster Night.

In a bridge-building reconciliation workshop between Jews and Nazi descendants, a Jewish woman and a Nazi descendant attempt to connect with each other. At the conclusion of the workshop, wounds have not been healed, but perhaps a greater understanding has been reached.

During the Civil War, a woman is approached by confederate soldiers who threaten to burn her house down until she reveals letters from her deceased husband.

A middle-aged woman living in the suburbs reflects on three moments in her life that have made her question her understanding of love and sexuality — meeting an expectation-defying girl in her youth, attending a bodybuilding competition with her family, and watching her hairdresser transform into a different person.

When young woman living in the city visits her two elderly aunts in the Montana countryside, she discovers that there's more to her family's past than she had thought.

A woman reckons with her sexual education throughout her life--or lack therof.

After getting hired by a family in the New England suburbs, a young nanny tells the children scary folktales. When the boy begins to have night terrors and the boy's father falls gravely ill, she suspects that it is more than mere ghost stories that haunt the family.