Short stories in the genre Fiction

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A destitute Pakistani man asks to work for a wealthy family in modern-day Pakistan. When he loses something that he values most, the man finally learns the brutal reality of his position in society.

In small town in Iowa, a woman who works at the American Gothic House forms a relationship with a famed serial killer. She begins to think about violence, death, and who has the power to kill.

In India, woman in an unhappy marriage is caught in a train hijack with her husband. However, when a young boy on the train presents her with an escape plan, she begins to question her purpose.

A boy learns a lesson when he is recruited to help a blind man panhandle at an intersection.

In a society where everyone is masked and takes on a new personality every day, an underground network seeks to return to their original identities.

A young woman reminisces about her friend with whom she lost contact. She thinks of her friend's past and tries to get in touch with her.

A creator whimsically imagines up his island and decides to add two women and a magic poker. By the time his imaginary characters row away, he is no longer sure who created who.

An American married couple in Turkey cannot stop arguing over the husband’s nonsensical novel and the wife’s alcoholic tendency until a life-or-death accident forces them to reevaluate their relationship.

A young teen in Southern California, after several months of living on the streets, tries to rebuild her life. She suddenly disappears after six months of sobriety, leaving her family to yet again wonder if she has relapsed and returned to live on the streets again.

A man during the Great Depression gets a job. However, he is wracked with guilt as he watches other people less fortunate than him.