Short stories tagged with Passion

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A woman recalls the life and death of her aunt, an American who became an avid traveler and died by suicide after she realized that nothing in her life was as exotic or exciting as she once believed.

Terrified of human love after being sexually assaulted in childhood, Adriana buys herself a robot for a husband. After realizing her robot husband's adaptive capability, she become obsessed with uncovering his true identity.

A college sophomore returns home after breaking up with a serious boyfriend, sending her parents into a flurry of worry over her listless behavior. But who is really taking care of whom?

A fourteen-year-old boy with a love for boats and fear of swimming sets out on a small adventure to reach the river and encounters some difficulties along the way.

A man bonds with his friend's sister during the summer they spend together. He rides behind her on his bike while she runs, and carries a pistol to protect her from bears.

A teenage boy unexpectedly discovers a love for chess and sets out to make a name for himself, only to hit the ceiling between passion and genius.

After struggling for years to conceive, Caroline and Ivan weather the perilous emotional storms of pregnancy together. The trials of a long-awaited pregnancy threaten to rip apart Caroline and Ivan's marriage.

A woman develops a risky love for her son's pediatrician, despite the fact that they are both married.

A writing professor becomes unnerved by a talented student and acts cruelly towards him out of insecurity — but ends up even more hurt than before.

In the near future, the United States has set aside designated areas for each group of ethnic minorities. After growing up in one of the cultural conservation units, three dancers consider leading a life outside their home.