Short stories in the genre _READY TO ASSIGN

Listing 30 stories.

A boy is invited to a hogs hunt and dinner party and encounters the quirky members of the host's family.

Two parents send their child a questionnaire full of mysterious questions that reveal insights into their relationship with their child.

After hiring multiple caretakers, one after another, a family finds a near perfect woman whom they adore. However, they are met with a surprise when the caretaker's term comes to an end.

When an officer in the State Department is sent to work as a diplomat for the CIA, he must balance the fate of other nations and politicians with his own interests and career goals.

After her daughter steals her necklace, a woman reacts with violence and reflects on unhappy moments with her daughter's father, now ex-husband.

An Italian-American family begins to crumble apart after experiencing several tragic accidents, but the father tries desperately to stay strong and remains optimistic that everyone will one day be together again.

A Jewish illusionist gains the favor of the masses with his original tricks. When other magicians arrive on the scene, he must take his talents to their highest potential to compete.

After a skin bleaching attempt burns off Eno's skin, Uzoamaka is still jealous because Eno's skin is now lighter.

A nanny is dismissed from her post after her employer discovers incriminating correspondences from an ex-lover in Saudi Arabia.

A bus filled with passengers from different walks of life begins its long journey. Everyone has different problems assailing their otherwise ordinary lives, but as the bus rolls along, these issues begin to be resolved for each through the unwitting actions of the others.