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A destitute Pakistani man asks to work for a wealthy family in modern-day Pakistan. When he loses something that he values most, the man finally learns the brutal reality of his position in society.

In a Paris churchyard, a man and his friend bear witness to the bizarre transformation of man into bird and a Bird Man into something more perhaps dangerous.

When a modern man sitting in Lagos traffic receives an email from his ex-lover of lifetimes ago, he reevaluates the facts of his prosperous but ultimately empty life.

When his deceased son is accused of thievery, a grieving grocery store owner condemns the world for making him rethink the innocent memories he had of his son.

Black Peter appeals to the Nicolaite Society to replace the icon of Saint Nicholas with that of Haile Selassie, emperor of Ethiopia.

For a teenage boy living in Nashville, Tennessee, it is impossible to be close with his grandfather the way his parents expect them to be. Although they call the same area home, the grandfather and grandson come from opposite worlds.

A young girl and her best friend attend a settlement school in North Carolina, where two brothers' shenanigans lead them to play a horrible prank on the new girl.

A teenage girl living in Washington D.C. in 1865 falls in love with an up-and-coming actor, John Wilkes Booth. She plans to see his performance with her mother that night, a performance that will supposedly be attended by the president, Abraham Lincoln.

A middle aged friend group take a drive to the beach.

A story with an unconventional structure that asks "What is your number one priority?"