Short stories tagged with Routine

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An old man compares his new family with his old one as his daughter from a previous marriage comes to visit him.

As the entirety of the United Kingdom begins to shift and float towards the United States, a man has to contend with the changes to his daily routine and the possibility of his town of Brighton being forced next to New York.

A man bonds with his friend's sister during the summer they spend together. He rides behind her on his bike while she runs, and carries a pistol to protect her from bears.

A man who walks his dog in the heath comes across another man and his strange dog who seem to suddenly be on his walk everyday. He tries to avoid the man until one day his own dog goes missing and he suspects the stranger is responsible.

The characters found in jokes are forced to act out the jokes every time they are told.

A father has an increasingly difficult time getting his son ready in the morning and notices that all the young kids around the neighborhood are acting strange. When his son becomes violent, the father must decide if it is really his son anymore.

A young farm boy catches his father cheating on his mother in the cornfields and tries to warn his mother about it.

A middle aged friend group take a drive to the beach.

A man considers his daily life in a strange manner and waits for dusk so that he can see a fantastical city that is only revealed in the dark.

A man reflects on the loneliness of his childhood home, where his family would fervently clean the house every Saturday for guests on Sunday who would never show.