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A group of friends gather for a picnic, but as they over-indulge in alcohol, the picnic spirals disturbingly into near-death encounters and emotional distress.

Frequent beatings from his father and the casual dismissal of his childhood fears lead to the deterioration of a boy's mental health, and the loss of the only 'real' person in the world leaves him in despair.

A man in a recovery ward is allowed to go out for a day to see his wife, but his discomfort in the outside world manifests as paranoia. He returns to the hospital early, where he finally feels normal.

An encounter with a grieving ex-soldier forces a Women's Army Corps member to realize the army may have robbed her of her ability to see death as anything but a necessary sacrifice.

A boy feels isolated from his group of friends and targets his rage towards the most popular of them all. When he realizes the extent of the influence this enemy wields, he is forced to come to terms with the hopelessness of his situation.

Based on a premonition, a man chooses not to board a flight. When the plane crashes, he is forced to admit that he is possibly psychic. His family life grows fraught with tension while he wrestles with survivor's guilt.

A teacher finds herself entangled in the life of a mesmerising student, only to learn that everything he told her about himself was a lie.

When an Allied plane goes down during World War II, the pilot’s friend goes to tell his mother that her son could not have survived - but no matter what he says, she refuses to give up hope that God will bring her boy home.

In 1970s America, a man invites his girlfriend, his daughter, and his daughter's girlfriend to the California Sierras for a weekend. As the group skis and picnics, the man considers his relationship with each woman and wonders how they interact with each other when he is not around.

Separated from his unit, an American soldier in France forms an unexpected partnership with a man who seems equally lost. Their adventures eventually lead them back to their unit, but not before they shoot down parachuters that may or may not have been their own men.