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Confrontation ensues when a young doctor discovers that his father, also a doctor, prescribes codeine to the old French Quarter of New Orleans instead of legitimately treating them. As the father grows ill, the son slowly adopts the superstitious and traditional medical methods of the Quarter and begins falling into his father’s ways.

A somber woman mysteriously walks along the Rotherhithe docks for years. One day, she tells a stranger the disturbing story of her son who vanished at sea.

A boy’s relationship with his uncle and the concept of death changes as he witnesses the mysteriously consecutive deaths of his uncle’s caddies.

During the second World War, a fortune teller in Northern Italy discovers a headless body by the road. He investigates the murder to see if any details will also magically reveal the winning numbers of the lottery.

An alternate universe where all that was improbable begins to happen a lot. A black female narrator navigates the ever crumbling New York City in this new world order.

A princess prophecied to bring about the downfall of her father, the king, must endure years of hardship and risk everything to be with her one true love.

When an Allied plane goes down during World War II, the pilot’s friend goes to tell his mother that her son could not have survived - but no matter what he says, she refuses to give up hope that God will bring her boy home.

An aging Caucasian ex-military pilot-turned-farmer and his wife struggle to maintain control of two newly acquired buffalo, while wildfires and drought blacken the sky and the farmer's sister becomes increasingly subsumed by doomsday cultism. cults build shelters to prepare for nuclear destruction. Set in the present day.

A girl at a British airbase is bad luck: after going out with her, pilots seem to always crash and die. When a famously successful pilot shows up, the girl is drawn to him. They both want to see if they can beat the curse.

In the city of Tangier, Morocco, a local man delves into the murder mystery of a Canadian named Duncan Marsh. Upon meeting with Marsh's watchman, he discovers details about Marsh's mysterious relationship with his cook and about the night of the murder.