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When a plane loadmaster is sent on a recovery mission for hundreds of bodies in a South American jungle, the cargo he picks up begins to haunt him and the other crew members.

During his leave, an American World War II soldier visits the family of one of his fellow British soldiers. While he expects a warm and doting environment, he is instead greeted by a circumspectly cold group of British people.

A girl at a British airbase is bad luck: after going out with her, pilots seem to always crash and die. When a famously successful pilot shows up, the girl is drawn to him. They both want to see if they can beat the curse.

A grieving widow uses an ancient artifact to communicate with her husband and son, but soon finds herself haunted by death.

An airman grieving his wife’s death worries that a superior’s carelessness may harm a young recruit, who has been traumatized by a hazing ritual.

A diverse array of passengers and crew aboard a 777 commercial airplane are on their way to Boston when the pilot informs everyone of a presumable military attack in Guam.