Short stories in the genre Satire.

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A housewife in Wisconsin tries desperately to warn people about the impending doom Hitler poses as he rises to power in Europe. Simultaneously, she lives vicariously through her daughters and hopes to glean satisfaction out of their romances where she can't from her own.

After a trial injection of an experimental drug into a group of monkeys, an observer watches the various participantsā€™ unusual and often deadly responses.

A man in suburbia finds his neighbor nearly naked standing outside his kids' rooms. He begins to retaliate to prevent it from ever happening again.

When two very different women suffer a car crash, a one-sided friendship soon becomes a bitter court battle. Farcical though their situation may be, it ends in tragedy all the same.

A millennial in an unnamed American city recruits his girlfriend, his friend, and his friend's Home Depot coworker on a mission to circle around the moon.

A routine inspection for a Space Navy ship leads to confusion over a vague item. A hasty fix before a military inspection causes more stress than intended.

A young man travels across a country in the midst of a race war that grows larger as different identity-based groups join the fight, until the sudden end of the conflict brings further confusion and strife.

Al Roosten, a local business owner always second-best to his competitor, Larry Donfrey, contemplates returning to an anti-drug charity event to ensure that Donfrey is able to help his disabled daughter.

Protagonist Leo Gold attends the annual Anarchistsā€™ Convention in New York City, a spectacle predictably filled with divisions and subcommittees and impassioned debates over topics as banal as the order events and whether dinner should be self-serve or not. But when the hotel manager comes in to ask the party to vacate the room as it had been previously booked, the group unites to building barricades and sing protest songs in defense of their noble cause.

A middle-aged writer finds a suicide note and a copperhead in his garden, beginning a series of linked events that cause him to question reality and prompt his doctor to send him to Florida for rest and rehabilitation.