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Triggered by a fellow addict at a group therapy session, a man finds himself on the streets, in search of anything that will help him feel better.

A college student visits her divorcee mother and her widowed friend on the farm they live on together and together they each start to push through their pasts to brighter futures.

After the disappearance of one of her beloved humans, a dachshund tries to acclimate to life without her. But, when yet another loss strikes, the dachshund's life is changed forever.

After his father dies, a teenager struggles to find his place in the world until he stumbles across Niall. Their tumultuous friendship ends mysteriously when Niall disappears.

A grieving mother who lost her son to cancer repeatedly trespasses on a military base in an attempt to photograph dead bodies returning from combat.

When a young woman's father, a famous photographer, passes away, she thinks that life will be better out from under her father's overbearing eye — and camera — but she finds that her grief is greater than she had expected.

In 1930s Boston, a ten-year-old Black girl looks after a relative's baby, and grows attached to the child. When the baby contracts an unknown illness, the girl learns the realities of life and death.

An 83-year-old man's wife dies in her sleep. The next morning, the man carries her body across a bridge from their isolated creek-side home to the undertaker at the nearest town.

After a man thinks he sees his long-dead brother on the subway, he recollects their relationship to determine why he still imagines his brother as a failure rather than a hero who gave his life for his country in World War II.

After he loses his mother, a father feels unmoored and lashes out at his family as the winter solstice arrives.