Short stories tagged with Sibling Relationship

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A minister’s young daughter, whose mother suffers from depression, wears a controversial costume to an evangelical church gathering. While hiding from adults, she stumbles upon an exorcism.

A woman investigates her brother's suspicious death in Antarctica and dwells on his wife's mysterious disappearance years ago.

A young boy burns with childish attraction for his mother's beautiful friend, but finds that a single mistake could ruin everything he imagined between them.

A middle-aged divorcee takes her two daughters to M&M world. When her younger daughter disappears in the crowd but is later found, the woman feels intense love for her children and a fear of being left alone.

After a man thinks he sees his long-dead brother on the subway, he recollects their relationship to determine why he still imagines his brother as a failure rather than a hero who gave his life for his country in World War II.

A ghost catcher is worried she'll be kicked out of the family business and, because of this, feels that she has one last chance to have a smooth and successful job.

As his older sister passes into adolescence, a boy grieves the loss of their blissful childhood friendship. He finds reprisal in her sudden frailty and fits of passion, culminating in a disastrous piano recital.

A bright teenager is forced to spend his summer at work back home in an Australian coastal town after his mother loses her job. When he finds a mysterious cache of objects that seagulls have stolen from people's futures, things start to take a turn for the better.