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In a rural Mississippi town, a well-intentioned Black woman tries to help a clueless young white mother take care of her baby, but the mother's family gets in the way.

A young anarchist woman married to a man with the same political views navigates the complexities of religion and forbidden attraction as she watches her friends' marriage collapse due to the wife's conversion to Christianity.

Four generations of one family gather for a picture and tensions rise between distant relatives.

In this period piece set in a small village, two rejected lovers team up to break up a happy couple.

A young boy must overcome his horror and help as his father butchers the pig he spent the past year raising.

In the 1920s, an elderly John D. Rockefeller sits at his beach house in Florida and looks over the ocean. When an airman offers him a ride in an airplane, the millionaire questions his life philosophy.

Two men, centuries apart, face the similar struggles with infertility, presenting unique challenges to their will and love for their partners.

A mother takes her son and his friend to a prison to see the electric chair to teach the boys about right and wrong at an early age.

On a farm in the rural Missouri, an elderly woman follows her nephew's children to make sure they don't get into trouble when she becomes the witness of a crime.

With the help and company of her master's clerk, a young slave girl runs away; however, her search for a habitable town is long and arduous, and she slowly begins to lose hope.