Short stories in the genre Crime Fiction

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In New Orleans, two sisters survive Hurricane Katrina, but one is left unalterably damaged by the storm.

A young Caribbean merwoman decides to bring her friends to explore living on land, but the trip puts them in horrible danger. Upon returning underwater, she must face the consequences of putting her entire community at risk.

In Chicago in the 1920s, a young gangster gets a windfall of cash and aims to spend it on his girlfriend and himself before his luck runs out.

After a wedding in Ohio, a famous musician accidentally gets mixed up in a murder at the hotel.

A London widow tells her employer the story of how she met her husband and how he died in the war. When she visits a war memorial for her husband and others who died in battle, she has a run in with local police and reporters that makes her thankful for what she has.

After four prisoners escape from the state penitentiary, a sheriff and his posse, including an empathetic deputy and a trigger-happy civilian volunteer, search for them through the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

A former felon takes on the responsibility of resolving a failed weapons deal to save his brother's life. With his associations in organized crime and the FBI, he attempts to make things right once and for all by involving both groups in an unexpected master scheme.

In a dystopian world, the red water ocean attracts tourists but repels residents. When a couple moves from Boston to the somewhat abandoned shore, strange things begin to happen.

In a far dystopian future, a girl happily living on an island of floating garbage is ostracized after destroying the only chance for her people to find dry land.

A man is forced to reconsider his suspicions of superstition when a racketeer decides the man is good luck.