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A sassy female cyborg from Earth journeys throughout the universe on a quest to save it from the contagious and all-consuming love unleashed by the evil creature Zarzak.

A father struggles to connect with his twelve-year-old daughter who is plagued by self-doubt and isolation, enraptured by social media, and debilitated by tendonitis. Despite her detachment, his daughter may be the only one who can save him from his post-election disillusionment with the country's failures.

An episode of a TV series called The Library follows fifteen-year-old Jeremy as he bonds with his friends through their shared obsession with an obscure TV show called The Library until he is ultimately convinced that he must save the life of the main character.

In a far dystopian future, a girl happily living on an island of floating garbage is ostracized after destroying the only chance for her people to find dry land.

As he witnesses his neighbor being kidnapped, Kyle must make a choice to either defy his strict, overbearing parents or remain silent.