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A young Arizonian boy is kidnapped twice: first, by his father during a custody battle, and second, by a prostitute with something to prove.

When a notebook full of top-secret designs is looted from a Brooklyn saloon, a Latino drummer and his inventor girlfriend must go on a quest to retrieve it from a rival Manhattan gang.

In an apocalyptic far future, a man is trapped in an infinite loop of dreams.

When an anti-Semitic teenager attacks a Jewish boy, war breaks out between the teenage boy factions of 1980s Long Island.

A bounty hunter roaming the Texan and Mexican deserts meets a mysterious old man who saves him from his own hubris.

In civil war-stricken Burundi of 1994, a divorced expatriate posing as a blindfolded chess grandmaster meets another imposter pulling off the same con as him.

Two American expatriates in modern Tanzania are mourning a lost lover in a tourist inn when a murderous hyena breaks their peace, hungry for the lover's corpse.

In an ancient Indian village, a young widow-turned-assassin receives her latest assignment: kill Alexander the Great.

After their great-uncle dies abruptly one day, a family’s trip to procure a coffin for him brings about another, more chilling fatality.

A morose middle-aged man's dull life is turned around when he gives a ride to a money-embezzling dental receptionist who's trying to skip out on her life.