Short stories published in New Mexico Quarterly

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Paranoia, love, and tragedy intertwine in a terrifying spiral as a father takes his terminally ill daughter to an amusement park.

A writer accuses his sister's son of telepathically stealing his manuscripts; when his claim is met with disbelief, he cleverly engineers the death of his young nephew.

In 1950s New York a janitor goes on an uncharacteristic date with a coworker, getting to know the city and its dating scene.

After their great-uncle dies abruptly one day, a family’s trip to procure a coffin for him brings about another, more chilling fatality.

A couple becomes obsessed with a boat they can see in the distance. The only issue is that nobody knows about the boat, and a thick fog prevents them from fully seeing the ship.

A couple plays a guessing game. They disagree on whether a corner could be classified as an object and meet no consensus.