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After a young teenager falls in love with a priest’s daughter, he tries to prove his maturity to her but is shocked when his efforts are undermined by someone he’d once idolized.

A marble gambling machine becomes a huge hit in front of a hotel of a small town and becomes more than just a place for competition and earning money. The infamous machine, The Crusader, becomes the place where new friendships are built and love is explored.

A senior girl on her high school team for a deadly sport clashes with her rival on the drive to the state championships over the treatment of another teammate.

In a futuristic world, a man awoken from being cryogenically frozen meets a ditzy tour guide to the Future, whose job is to help him learn about the new world through a series of virtual reality simulations. However, the world's AI leader may be manipulating them both for his own gain.

A couple plays a guessing game. They disagree on whether a corner could be classified as an object and meet no consensus.