Short stories in the genre Travel Narrative.

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An American continues to run into another American on their trips around Europe and the Mediterranean.

A freed slave on an alien planet reflects on the enormous societal upheavals she witnessed and led.

A woman's husband dies, and she leaves their hometown in Michigan to drift between countries, finally landing in Venice, completely broke — until a mysterious man approaches her, offering to help.

After the deaths of his parents, an enslaved man seeks the guidance of his elderly neighbor. She reveals his family history, and he discovers his undeniable yearning for freedom.

When a mother upends her life and moves to a newly formed settlement with her family in Montana, she is forced to rethink her values and comfort zone.

A man, uprooting from his life in San Fransisco, takes on a rider on his long drive towards Denver, but finds they don't get along.

When a couple go south to acquire an abandoned grape vineyard, and old man shares a cautionary tale about the vineyard’s past ties with voodoo magic and slavery.

Recent graduate Scotty wants to write manga and goes to Japan to teach for a summer. He falls in love with one of his students, Masashige, but becomes jealous when Masashige draws a manga.

From ancient Ghana to the American South to the moon, the African people have been migrating—willingly and unwillingly—throughout all of history.

An American man on a train in France encounters a peasant man and his family who try to speak to him despite the fact that French is not his first language.