Short stories in the genre Fable.

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A man finds God’s overcoat at a thrift shop, compelling him to do good for the people whose prayers land in his pockets.

A grocer in desperate need of help enlists a lawyer to fix his problems, though he refuses to trust the lawyer enough to actually receive help.

When a village's beloved schoolteacher disappears just as mysteriously as she arrived an entire century earlier, the townspeople are left to contend with her legacy and lessons.

When a teenage girl falls in love with a stargazer, she goes on a journey to build a kite that will allow her to float up in the stars so that her lover notices her.

On a present-day Native American reservation, a tribal judge investigates the robbery of an elderly man’s stolen fiddle. In the process, they uncover the fiddle's mythical origin story.

In a world populated by monsters of various shapes and sizes, a small monster escapes from its hungry parent only to be feasted upon by other predatory creatures. When the small monster meets a friend that teaches it about the transformative power of art, it gives the monster confidence to finally fight back.

A couple goes on the run in a 1920s Prohibition Era western fantasy for illegally stealing and trading human emotions, including grief, desperation, and love.

A rat moves into a young squirrel's peaceful neighborhood and refuses to respect the space. Unable to force the rat to move away, the other animals watch as more and more rats come to live in the area of town they once avoided.

In an ethereal city located between the world of the living and the afterlife, residents grapple with the effects of a deadly pandemic on Earth— and the mass disappearance of souls from their transitory world.

An old logger tells the story of a giant hunter and his dog hunting a ferocious turkey terrorizing the local wildlife.