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A man finds God’s overcoat at a thrift shop, compelling him to do good for the people whose prayers land in his pockets.

A millennial in an unnamed American city recruits his girlfriend, his friend, and his friend's Home Depot coworker on a mission to circle around the moon.

A simulacron, who serves as a representative of an alien species, speaks with the US Secretary of Science about their wish to purchase the planet Jupiter. While the Secretary worries about stirring up conflict between the simulacron and another species, the simulacron assures him that no harm will come to Earth, and the two eventually reach an agreement.

In twentieth century Ireland, three women decide to impart their generosity on an old man, but their bad manners and hosting skills are not well received by their charity case.

While visiting Paris for the holiday season, a young girl and her grandfather get homesick for the countryside. At the Christmas market, they finally find something worth coming to the city for.

When a flu epidemic leaves people with proteins that make them as hairy as chimpanzees, an American college student and a Mexican scientist in New York City work to develop a cure for mankind’s newest affliction.

When a World War I machinist stumbles into a mourning mother on a Sunday cruise through Paris, his decision to help her out with her son’s funeral gives way to some unforeseen hijinks.

A deceased man’s friends and coworkers try to come up with the best way to mourn him and comfort his widow, even though it seems like she doesn’t need it.

A teenage girl living in Washington D.C. in 1865 falls in love with an up-and-coming actor, John Wilkes Booth. She plans to see his performance with her mother that night, a performance that will supposedly be attended by the president, Abraham Lincoln.

Aliens land peacefully on Earth and promise to fix humans’ societal problems, but humans soon get so frustrated with them that they flee to other planets. The smaller Earth population ends up bringing positive change, but this emigration to other planets reveals that many other populations have fled these aliens for the same reason.