Short stories tagged with Earth

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In the far future, a selfless woman helps a wary man flee from a destroyed Earth to the world beyond the solar system.

In the far future, extraterrestrials wage war on Earth. Despite the aliens’ comparative strength, mankind’s tenacity fascinates one extraterrestrial soldier to the point of absolute endearment.

When four members of a spacecraft finally land on a distant planet, they fall victim to terrible and inexplicable pain around their ears.

A space traveler visiting Earth is subjected to all the dark experiences of being human and eventually loses hold of his/her own identity.

The Eavesdropper, a human-alien hybrid woman, moves through a sentient spaceship full of comatose humans whose memories she absorbs and processes through mind reading.

Aliens land peacefully on Earth and promise to fix humans’ societal problems, but humans soon get so frustrated with them that they flee to other planets. The smaller Earth population ends up bringing positive change, but this emigration to other planets reveals that many other populations have fled these aliens for the same reason.

When astronauts begin mysteriously falling to Earth, an aging couple forms a strong connection with the one who lands in their backyard.

Earth is colonizing the people of Venus, and a Venusian royal protects an Earth general as he concludes his imperialist takeover on the planet. In the face of an even worse enemy, she is able to bring the two sides together to save the planet.

Is it better to have a human civilization devoid of art and culture than to have none at all? Three Earth ambassadors must whether to annihilate a space colony that has traded away human consciousness for a hive mind that feels nothing but the need for survival. In the distant future, three humans in possession of nuclear warheads must decide whether to allow a remarkable human variant species without consciousness to dominate the galaxy or destroy them forever.

A professor tries to stab the center of the Earth, believing that this will alert the living Earth that humankind inhabit its crust.