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On a present-day Native American reservation, a tribal judge investigates the robbery of an elderly man’s stolen fiddle. In the process, they uncover the fiddle's mythical origin story.

Apollo is an ordinary kid at a party, a crime fighting justice-seeker, a victorious basketball player, a police officer doing his job, a scared boy running from a villain. His story begins again and again, and he's different every time — but every time, his story ends in the same, terrible way.

When a young girl finds that she can no longer visit the magical world she loved as a child, she tries to find her way back to that world while struggling with the challenges of growing up.

While college student Isobelle is staying with her Congolese immigrant uncle over summer break, she hears strange sounds coming from the room that used to belong to her now missing cousin. Behind that door lie a rotting corpse, a vengeful spirit, and dark family secrets Isobelle’s uncle thought he left behind in Congo.