Short stories by Kathleen Kayembe

Kathleen Kayembe is the Octavia E. Butler Scholar from Clarion’s class of 2016, with stories in Lightspeed,Nightmare, and several Best of the Year anthologies; an essay in the Hugo-nominated anthology Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia Butler; andprevious publications with Less Than Three Press. She writes romance as Kaseka Nvita and lives on Twitter as @mkkayembe. A longtime member of the St. Louis Writers Guild, she organizes write-ins instead of movie outings and falls in love with the world every time she uses a fountain pen. You can find her in St. Louis running Amherst Writers and Artists writing groups, scribbling stories into a notebook with an odd little smirk, or playing obnoxiously sensible RPG characters who won’t let party members die.

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A young girl knows something isn't right when her sister comes home from boarding school pregnant, with a strange husband. When her parents are found dead a few days later, she immediately suspects her brother-in-law and turns to the faerie tree in her front yard for help--but the faeries strike a tough bargain.

While college student Isobelle is staying with her Congolese immigrant uncle over summer break, she hears strange sounds coming from the room that used to belong to her now missing cousin. Behind that door lie a rotting corpse, a vengeful spirit, and dark family secrets Isobelle’s uncle thought he left behind in Congo.