Short stories in the genre Ecofiction.

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The males of a family and their neighbor set off to a nearby mountain during winter to retrieve a CAT rig in order to maintain their lumber business, but are forced to contest with extraordinary natural forces as they do so.

A young boy finds a clearing while exploring the wilderness and meditatively observes the nature around him.

After her husband's unexpected death, a white widow becomes a recluse, spending all of her time in her unruly garden. One day, over come by rage, she feels compelled to harm the Black boy who works in her garden.

With climate disaster looming in Florida's future, a struggling single mother finds herself battling crippling insomnia as she worries about her daughter's future.

A group of friends experienced in river navigation brave an infamously dangerous set of rapids, though some of them are more thrill-seeking than others.

A young woman living in California in the near future reflects on the disasters that have destroyed most of the world around her. She finds comfort amidst the chaos through special abilities that she inherited from her ancestors.

A man and his elderly, mentally-ill mother battle for control of their home's thermostat in a future climate of extremely high temperatures year-round.

Two men with very different roots meet through their work in an Oregon Cannery and decide to buy a fishing boat together. After their first boat capsizes, the two split up for a while, until loneliness brings them back together to try to fish again.

A young boy wades down a creek killing water moccasins, despite his mother telling him not to since another boy in town was recently bitten by one. On his way home, an encounter with the snakes gains the attention of the adults nearby but leaves the boy confused.

On a doe hunting trip with her father and two other men in a forest in the Northern US, a nine-year-old girl reckons with her gender identity.