Short stories tagged with Inequality

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When two very different women suffer a car crash, a one-sided friendship soon becomes a bitter court battle which ends in tragedy.

A school janitor contends with a boiler that starts a deadly fire in an over-crowded and neglected elementary school.

In an alternate reality where a sub-species of androgynous astronauts named Spacers prostitutes themselves to the rest of the human race, one Spacer reevaluates his life upon becoming friends with a kind girl who doesn’t desire him.

In this satire, a cartographer discovers an isolated North African village in which the sole occupation is counting upward. Living in their utopia forces him to reckon with the utility of reason and the necessity of pain in human life.

In the future, all humans must wait in an impossibly long line, where getting to the front means securing one’s future and never having to worry about money again. Waiting in the line for decades on end, the worst of humanity comes out.

A young Black woman living in a dystopian version of Chicago, still rife with inequality, grapples with feelings of guilt, love, and uncertainty about her purpose.

A genetically modified mermaid works to solve the circumstances surrounding a scholar's mysterious disappearance, all the while reconciling with the meaning of death in a futuristic world where bodies can respawn in any imaginable form.

A working class man who wants his children to have everything their rich friends have purchases "Semplica Girls" — girls formerly living in poverty who sign contracts to hang as ornaments in people's yards — for his older daughter's birthday. When his younger daughter frees the Semplica Girls, the family is plunged into financial disaster.

On the Great Plains, an aging farmer and his wife struggle to sell their produce amid an increase in frozen food manufacturing. The farmer must figure out how to avoid the fate of his neighbors, who were pushed out of business and into welfare dependence.

A 17-year-old girl grapples with a mental abnormality that causes her to associate imaginative scenes with individual words. She undergoes treatment in a sterile clinic to quell her brain's urges.