Short stories in the genre Southern Fiction

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Mr. Fortune, an industrious old landowner with his eye toward the development of his country town, spends all of his time with his favorite granddaughter, Mary Fortune. She is his spitting image in appearance and spirit, completely unlike his despised son-in-law - until a major disagreement brings them to blows.

Two "straight" young men are hired for the summer to look after sheep on Brokeback Mountain; alone together, they fall into a sensual and secret romance that they never forget and can never quite leave behind. Over the next twenty years, although their careers and families threaten to separate them, they find ways to reunite.

After the death of her father, a teen girl learns to navigate family demands and her own personal desires as she grows up and pursues an education.

A father involved in the business of trading horses becomes involved in a trade with an infamous trader while running errands for his wife.

A lonely young boy finds faith through the teachings of a radical new Pastor. The only question is: is he truly a Pastor or merely an imposter?

A girl is taken by the spirited of death, Letty, but not before she hears the horrific story of Letty's death at the hands of a white man.

An early twentieth-century housewife moves with her family to the deep South. When a runaway horse appears in her yard, she questions her town's casual racism as they make assumptions about the horse's owner.

An alcoholic and abusive father with three children decides he wants to be a better man, and to do that he will abide by Matthew 5—switching his own feet, eyes, tongue, ears, and hands for those of someone better than he. His daughter willingly amputates and sews him together with the assistance of a body part delivery boy called The Collector, but later discovers to her horror that the new parts belonged to her missing mother.

When a steely and fiercely independent woman opens her heart to a bizarre visitor, it uplifts their entire Southern town, until their relationship falls prey to another man’s revenge.

When a couple go south to acquire an abandoned grape vineyard, and old man shares a cautionary tale about the vineyard’s past ties with voodoo magic and slavery.