Short stories in the genre Jewish Coming-Of-Age Stories

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During World War II, a boy moves to the big city from agrarian Alabama. Astounded by the lack of greenery, he convinces a local gang to build a farm, but not everyone agrees with his plan.

When the devoted wife of a Yiddish writer recruits a young man to translate her husband's work in 1960's New York, the young man must contemplate his priorities and mission in life.

With a local man on trial for the murder of his family and a history of tragedy in the town, a group of neighborhood kids contemplate death.

A Navy SEAL in Afghanistan asks the Virgin Mary for a miracle out on the battlefield.

In 1920s Boston, two lower-class boys, one Jewish and one Catholic, work together at a corner store. Despite their religious differences and difficult upbringings, they form an unbreakable bond.

As a boy grows to adulthood in the years encompassing WWII, and his understanding of the world changes, so too does his perception of his schoolteacher father evolve from respectable teacher to embarrassing clown to free-spirited man.

In Spain during the Francoist dictatorship, a girl's father insists that their family will never speak Spanish again in favor of Basque — a small act of political defiance that slowly changes their lives, until they can never go back.

A young man struggles to rationalize with fate as he watches the people he loves experience immense pain and suffering. As he learns more about the physics of the universe and slowly teaches himself how to travel through time, he begins experiencing surreal moments where he can actually see the alternative paths he and his loved ones could have taken, and how they would all have been different if they had.

When her parents' older male friend propositions her, a young teenage girl enters into an affair with a man nearly thirty years her senior. She's forced to confront the fallout of their relationship, all while she navigates her own adolescence.

A hardworking Jewish family is assaulted by a local gang for their beliefs, resulting in the destruction of their business and exhibiting the apathy of the onlookers.