Short stories tagged with Teenage Love

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A young, cynical slave girl’s murder of her owners stirs up the etherworld, leading to the birth of multiple ghosts that will change her life.

In their afterlife, two childhood friends realize their deep romantic love for one another.

When her parents' older male friend propositions her, a young teenage girl enters into an affair with a man nearly thirty years her senior. She's forced to confront the fallout of their relationship, all while she navigates her own adolescence.

After meeting a beautiful boy at the ice rink, a sixteen-year-old girl goes through the rhythm of magical love and bitter disappointment.

A teenage boy bonds with his 12-year-old cousin when things start looking up for his love life. But what comes up must come down, endangering the cousins’ lifelong friendship.

After years of hearing her grandmother tell her stories of her faery bag, a teenage girl’s begins to search for it when it mysteriously vanishes after her grandmother’s death. She must find it to bring back her friend and love, who jumped in the bag.