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An old man recalls how the death of King Kong caused him to lose someone he loved.

Consumed by the memory of his larger-than-life roommate who recently passed away from AIDS, a grieving man working at an art gallery reflects on life.

When a boy comes to a new town after the death of a loved one, he struggles to perform daily tasks and adapt to the unfamiliar surroundings.

In the far future, a female scientist must lead her team through time to uncover the explanation for a colony planet's sudden and complete demise, including that of her dead husband. Despite challenges made to her academic integrity and emotional wellbeing, she pursues both her mission and the shadow of her lifelove, hoping that one will lead to another. In a spaceship in the far future, a female scientist tries to understand the alien plague that wiped a whole colony planet, including her late husband and research partner. As she travels through the records of time, she also chases after the footsteps of her lifelove in hopes that they'll help solve her mystery and heal her grieving heart.

After years of hearing her grandmother tell her stories of her faery bag, a teenage girl’s begins to search for it when it mysteriously vanishes after her grandmother’s death. She must find it to bring back her friend and love, who jumped in the bag.

Duane’s death reveals a truth his family members refuse to accept, and his loved ones who defend him are violently rejected by his homophobic family members.