Short stories in the genre Historical Drama

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An Algerian university professor and former prisoner of France struggles with the symbolic implications of getting advice from an elite French visiting professor.

A talented lower class painter strikes a horrible deal with a popular, untalented nobleman - his masterpieces will receive the adoration they deserve, under another man's name.

Tensions rise and fall as an elderly woman and her family await her grandson’s return from prison. A judgmental relative causes them to rally around the accused.

A man's lonely life focused on the pursuit of reason and music leaves him questioning what more there may be in the lives of other people and of religion.

The Chief of the Chickasaw tribe brings his nephew to the United States capitol to be judged by a reimagined Jacksonian era President after the mysterious death of a white man on Chickasaw property. The rest of his people follow to witness the trial, and the President quickly becomes overwhelmed and avoidant of the droves of indigenous peoples he looks down upon, and goes to great lengths to clear them from the capitol.

A Confederate officer begrudgingly fights in the American Civil War until his disastrous last battle helps seal the fate of the war for good. After the war, he constantly repents for his critical mistakes until, decades later, he comes to a shocking revelation about the fateful battle.

A boy growing up during Japan’s postwar economic ascendancy comes to grips with the sudden death of his mother and the eventual passing of his blind, aging father.

The standing of a Kansas City burlesque show with twisted secrets is threatened by the local political climate as police officers target the provocative business.

Two elderly New Yorkers have always enjoyed the summers in their peaceful lakeside cottage in the country. However, when they break tradition by staying past Labor Day, mysterious incidents and unfriendly locals remind them they've overstayed their welcome.