Short stories in the genre Coming Of Age Story

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After one of his best friends commits suicide, a sixth-grader exacts his revenge on the teacher whose sexual abuse led his friend to his death.

A young boy finds a clearing while exploring the wilderness and meditatively observes the nature around him.

Faced with inexplicable suffering in a locked ward of a mental hospital, a young woman must choose whether to give up or live life on her own terms.

The child of two psychiatrists grows up in a social bubble consisting of her parents' colleagues and their children. She forms a special bond with one of the colleagues in particular, an asexual male psychologist who functions as an aunt.

A young boy burns with childish attraction for his mother's beautiful friend, but finds that a single mistake could ruin everything he imagined between them.

In a rural American town, a boy must exterminate a horde of cats in his family's barn while his parents' marriage disintegrates around him.

A young boy comes of age in front of a television screen playing monster movies in 1970s America.

A boy and his friends swim in a river near their small hometown. After, the boy watches as his older brother splits off from the group to chat with a girl, and leaves his boyhood behind.

When a young boy visits the family farm on the prairie, he dreams that he is becoming a man, but a fierce storm and an untimely lightning strike humble and frighten him.

Set in a futuristic technology-driven junior high school, a young boy must partner with a classmate and complete a project with no internet.