Short stories in the genre Alternate History

Alternate History categorizes stories that are inherently fictional stories that are intertwined with historical facts or situations that have been changed in order to tell a narrative. This includes changing prominent historical events' and figures' importance and actions, or creating entirely new historical elements and inserting them within the past.

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A stint locked in the basement saves a young boy from unexpected danger. Living in his aunt's basement, a young boy imagines monsters coming to attack--until something much deadlier happens.

Three US time travelers in a Cold War alternative history get stuck in a time loop and decide to kill themselves to escape it. Unbeknownst to two of them, the attempt to cause their own demise will doom them to the time loop forever.

As per tradition in her country, a young girl of a mysterious Order is chosen to bear the launch codes of sere missiles embedded in her heart. To activate the missiles, the president of her country must personally cut open her chest to extract the code capsule.

In a future where the U.S. is in a state of decline and Japan is the most powerful nation on Earth, an American salesman attempts to sell American landmarks to a Japanese tycoon. An American salesman attempts to sell of his country's landmarks, from the Statue of Liberty to Yankee Stadium, to a wealthy Japanese mogul in a future where the US is broke and Japan is in charge.

In a reality where the civil war ended in a stalemate, a brilliant enslaved engineer and a freed former airship pilot fight to prevent the rebels from destroying the new country that African Americans were able to form.

A merchant in Austria tells stories to customers about the former Emperor during the Great War and their unlikely friendship — one that he feels impacted the trajectory of the entire Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Haunted by his role in the sabotage of a U.S. nuclear submarine, a retired pipe-fitter must confront his past after the fall of the Soviet Union when a mysterious man enters his life.

A young Caribbean merwoman decides to bring her friends to explore living on land, but the trip puts them in horrible danger. Upon returning underwater, she must face the consequences of putting her entire community at risk.

In 1000 BC, a fortune teller’s ominous prophecies of destruction to come dampens the mood at a luxurious dinner party held in the Northern Africa city of Audoghast.

In an alternative history of the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, horrific events cause the United States system of government and society to become forever altered.