Short stories tagged with Descriptive.

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In the first personal plural, a psychiatric ward patient describes their day-to-day routines and thoughts while their life slowly becomes easier.

A young boy, who is still unaware of his future in which his mother dies and he becomes a miserable, unaccomplished middle-aged man, lives through an ever-so-slightly unusual day which would later become the one and only core memory he has of his mother.

In an apocalyptic far future, a man is trapped in an infinite loop of dreams.

An outer space fugitive on the run stops to help an old friend and becomes involved in a revolution. A fugitive pilot from Earth helps his found family escape persecution from the Coalition and gets involved in a revolution taking place on another planet.

When a Broadway actress goes on an island vacation with a sleazy playwright, she wonders if she could get used to such a detached and lackluster romance.

In an American dystopia, a man who helps rescue and raise children who are born as predators is traveling with a predator child to Salt Lake City in hopes to provide him with a normal life.

Humans fall from the sky, as if it were raining bodies. What follows is an immersive descent into chaos, madness, and, inevitably, the urge to join them.

When a day hike for people 60 and older has to turn back midway through their hike in Sequoia National Forrest, the hiking leader finds himself at the base of the trail without his wife and without his former friend, both of whom had accompanied him on the trail. With the company of an over-eager widow, the man finds himself contacting search and rescue and waiting to see what morning will bring.

On the night before her wedding, a woman dreams of the house that she once lived in with her family, but then wakes up and must come to terms with how her life has changed since then.

Short bursts of inexplicable silence envelope an unnamed city and its residents, inspiring self-reflection and—much to their surprise—contentment.