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The night watchman at the wax museum is a simple man, and he loves his job, especially the wax figure of Napoleon, whom he considers a special friend. Though a bachelor, he is a romantic, and gets caught up in the affairs of a young couple who use the wax museum as their meeting place.

A family goes on a ride that allows them to see their entire future.

In the far future, a selfless woman helps a wary man flee from a destroyed Earth to the world beyond the solar system.

In a near future world, a famous computerized drama director is pushed beyond his artistic limits when a random science fiction writer asks him to adapt his novel for the digital stage—for the alluring incentive of real gold payment.

A young, aspiring Native chef in New York City falls in love with a mysterious deer-woman, who convinces her to murder and harvest the hearts of white women to avenge the deaths of her ancestors.

A traumatized veteran returns from the war and must navigate the changes he finds in his disoriented personal life, all while enduring superficial judgments from his family and community.

In the far future, a thousand people are the only survivors of humanity, as Earth has been destroyed by an asteroid. Aboard a generation ship headed to a new solar system, a young Japanese man recounts the defining moments from his childhood.

A elderly black woman in 1960s Louisiana must decide whether the benefits outweigh the risks when she hears a law has been passed that allows black people to vote.

A young boy deals with difficult life changes one fateful year after his high-achieving brother nearly drowns in a swimming pool and falls into a coma.

Following his breakup, a Japanese college student uses savings from his relationship as a means to quit his summer mowing job, but not without first helping a woman who asks, but doesn't appear to need, for her lawn to be mowed.