Short stories tagged with Conspiracy

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A jaded American mercenary searches for the stepdaughter of a Mexican businessman on a remote island. After a bloody showdown with the stepdaughter's kidnappers, the mercenary finds justice and a second chance.

In a hyper-surveillance state set in the near future, a female military cyborg wrestles with extreme PTSD and guilt after unintentionally murdering young civilians on a mission abroad. After hearing a recording of the deaths, she realizes her "accident" isn't what it appeared to be, and takes justice into her own hands.

As an old woman revisits her family's quintessentially American history, she finds a way to respect and love her parents, despite the scandals and tragedies they endured.

In a near-future world, a civilian is caught in a strange criminal investigation when his AI device—which gives him advice about acts of kindness to perform—leads him to be a pawn in a software pirate's revenge scheme.

Frank Boles leaves Minnie's jook joint after a drunken evening and has an unexplainable encounter with an otherworldly visitor.

A retired covert operative speaks to a class, detailing the ways he “protected” his country and how protection came at the cost of danger.

A Soviet soldier tasked with watching over a German atomic scientist attempts to explain the circumstances behind his mysterious escape.

In a Chinese village during the Qing Dynasty, a crippled man acts as a lawyer for the poor with the help of the trickster Monkey King, but his peaceful life is turned upside down when he comes into possession of a book that details atrocities committed by the government.

Two detectives investigate an unusual murder scene that replicates a Renaissance painting.

Excited for their new threshing machine, a group of farmers eagerly begins using it. However, one farmer pushes the machine too far and breaks it, leading to the others plotting to prevent him from using it.