Short stories tagged with War And Conflict

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In the Old West, after witnessing an elderly Chinese prospector win a fight against a couple of outlaws, a young girl forms a deep bond with him, learns that he may be a god in disguise, and must defend him when he is called to trial over his treatment of the outlaws.

When a programmer creates a new type of empathy-based cryptocurrency that disrupts the workings of a charity run by her old roomate, the two are drawn into conflict over rationality, morality and justice.

In a hyper-surveillance state set in the near future, a female military cyborg wrestles with extreme PTSD and guilt after unintentionally murdering young civilians on a mission abroad. After hearing a recording of the deaths, she realizes her "accident" isn't what it appeared to be, and takes justice into her own hands.

Fifteen members of the United States Marines tell stories about their time serving in Europe during World War I.

In 1970, under the repressive Greek junta, two old friends are reunited as political prisoners in a detainment camp. When one of them falls in love with a painter and muralist mural, he begins to wonder if one of her artwords holds the secret to their fates.

A Hollywood film production in a small rural town threatens to destroy everything a young, scrappy local kid knows about his life.

In the far future, an alien civilization captures pacifist protesters and, as punishment, turns them into mind-controlled soldiers forced to commit violence. Will they be able to resist the effects of the mind-controlling drug and rebel?

California has seceded from America, and Molly and her daughter Phoebe run a bookstore that straddles the troubled border of the two countries. When outright war breaks out, Molly and Phoebe must protect their customers - American and Californian alike - but the customers are not all willing to get along.

In a dystopian world, a student begins to spiral after he becomes dependent on the drug called "Good" that everyone is injected with daily. Faced with the cruelty of his family and friends, he befriends a strange girl whose family rejects the new societal mechanisms —which may be just what he needs.

Kidnapped by a dimension-hopping assassin monk, a ten-year-old girl vows to become a great assassin under the monk's training so she can steal her own life back - but when she is required to assassinate a kind general she decides to risk everything to protect him.