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In the far future, an invention called "the prism" uses quantum mechanics to cause divergences in future timelines and create a means of communication across these alternate realities. Two different women explore the choices they have made in their own lives and the regrets they harbor--and have to figure out how to ultimately make peace with their decisions.

In a world where most humans have died off, a group of robots is left to learn how to operate in the world for themselves.

When a sick, human-eating reptile knocks on a man's front door, the man must reconcile his fear with his desire to help the creature.

An aeronautical engineer joins a poaching team in a universe called “Sky” and grows increasingly uncomfortable with the ways in which animals are being killed and the impact this is having on the environment.

In a dystopian society, a woman makes it her life's mission to free citizens from monitors implanted in them by the authorities. When she becomes one of the most wanted people in the city, she must avoid the path of a fierce bounty hunter.

A Chinese American girl is sent to repair the malfunctioning universe on the verge of breaking down. She learns that fixing the world may mean the demise of her comatose mother and must decide if she can fulfill her duties.

In the distant future where communication is supposed to be made simple, a mother continues to struggle to break through to her young daughter, even with a visit to a unique museum that pays tribute to miscommunication between people through the ages.

An African American man from the twentieth century goes back in time to prevent his town from being destroyed by a mob of violent whites.

A Black female spy has the ability to physically transform into whoever she wants, but her mental shifts are proving to be much more difficult. While on an assignment in China, she begins to crack under the pressure, leading to disastrous results.

A female assassin is assigned a target to kill, but cannot concentrate due to the effects of Purge, a substance which allows her to stop being mentally controlled by the government.