Short stories in the genre Surrealist Literature.

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A nameless person tells a story of when they had an intimate conversation over dinner with a former schoolmate whom they idealized.

Though plagued by her economic circumstances, a pregnant former circus performer finds life blooming all around her when she forms a special connection with her boarding house’s pear tree.

A Japanese woman who has begun to forget her name, frantically seeks the help of an eccentric clinician who eventually claims to know what happened to her name.

A man attends a classical music concert and uses it as a surrealistic form of escape as he copes with the news of his mother's death.

As she wanders in and out of forests to escape her past and the boy she feels guilty for wanting, a woman gives birth to and abandons a child she thinks of as the physical embodiment of her sin.

A man's lonely life focused on the pursuit of reason and music leaves him questioning what more there may be in the lives of other people and of religion.

A Japanese man has to borrow his unpopular friend's unused funeral suit as five of his young friends suddenly die over the course of a year.

A nameless soul is stranded on an unknown shore, watching the countless soldiers of wars long past go about their nightly activities.

When a woman talks to a man in bed, their conversation reminds her of a short story she read earlier, and she wonders if she is stupid like the story's character.

After a city-slicker moves to the country to build his dream home among nature, he meets a mysterious hunter who keeps his passion going. When the hunter stops visiting, the man becomes disillusioned as he waits for his newfound friend to return.