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A Japanese woman who has begun to forget her name, frantically seeks the help of an eccentric clinician who eventually claims to know what happened to her name.

A young adult gradually adjusts to his new reality after a cancer diagnosis and a surgery which gives him new, bioengineered eyes.

When a psychoanalyst's family forces him to give up his poker addiction, he uses the misery of one of his patients, a poker champion, to keep his need to gamble at bay.

In an attempt to mend her family's generational trauma, a young Black girl embarks on a four-day therapeutic retreat that will end in reconnecting with their enslaved ancestors.

Asked by his therapist to tell a fable, a man recounts his unenchanting life as a lawyer married to a depressed, drug-abusing woman, with a disabled son he's struggling to raise. By filling his unremarkable story with sorceresses, magic, and true love, he attempts to romanticize a life he's desperate to escape.

A depressed academic uses a robot endowed with AI to help recover from her illness while simultaneously remembering the story of Alan Turing.

A man tells his life story leading up to his suicide, attempting to explain the seemingly-inescapable mental paradoxes he found himself facing in his quest to be an authentic person, which reinforced, time after time, his belief that he was a fraud.

Following a messy breakup, an MIT graduate and a PhD student at Indiana University separately talk about the problems in their former relationship in two spliced-together conversations, exploring conflicts surrounding language, intimacy, commitment, and intellectualism.

A teacher at a private school in 1970s New York begins to see a psychoanalyst several times a week because he struggles with awkwardness and timidity in social settings. The analyst encourages the man to pursue a wealthy widow whose children attend his school.

As a university professor acts as a sounding board for everyone else’s problems, her own stress mounts to a dangerous peak.