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An African American man in his early-20s becomes renowned for his blues performances on the streets around the United States, playing for jail inmates, young couples, and passerbys alike.

A father tells a story about his deceased wife and the wild traditions they used to have involving alcohol as well as the disapproval his mother-in-law had about their relationship.

On a ship heading for America, a young Jewish girl, having spent her childhood during World War II, is determined to have her first kiss before she reaches the other side of the Atlantic.

When a black teenage girl at a private school gets invited to a party by a wealthy white student, she struggles to navigate the divide between their world and her own.

A barista in a small Massachusetts town with a cynical outlook on vulnerability and love finds herself moved to reconsider the possibility of romance with her manager after she and her co-workers stay up late dancing with two clients, a quadriplegic man and his personal assistant, and sharing stories.

Two competitive female leads of a Broadway revue in the 1930s meet with a press agent and separately reflect on petty digs they have thrown at each other in an effort to maintain dominance over the show. Each wishes to prove herself to be the superior performer, but together, they react in an unexpected way when the cameras turns upon them.

A woman with a seemingly unexceptional life takes up glass bottle dancing after the death of a friend, practicing at night so her family doesn't see her. When she is eventually found out, she decides to put on a public performance that's attended by some unusual neighbors.

After meeting a young widow at a family party, a 21-year-old Turkish woman finds herself a new friend with which to bake chocolate cakes, dance at night, and voice the tragedies her family refuses to confront.

In a futuristic nightclub, an old friend offers a handsome teenage boy the chance to get a surgery that will free him from the inevitable withering of his beauty.

A ghost catcher is worried she'll be kicked out of the family business and, because of this, feels that she has one last chance to have a smooth and successful job.