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A girl witnesses her loyal childhood servant succumb to the demands of her sister's abusive husband.

An old woman experiences several blackouts as she approaches death.

When an officer in the State Department is sent to work as a diplomat for the CIA, he must balance the fate of other nations and politicians with his own interests and career goals.

A somewhat estranged family grapples with the impending death of their mother.

A writer receiving feedback from a professor on their drafts is sure that the person on the other end is a man. They wrestle with their own hidden identities until the end of their literary relationship comes with an unexpected revelation.

A young Native American man visits a burial site on a nearby island and must reflect on both his allegiance to his culture and to himself.

When a battalion of soldiers knock on a mother’s door at dawn, she fears her secret identity will be discovered.

A man in a failing marriage embarks on yet another love affair with a married woman, teaching him about his own sexual escapist tendencies.

A middle-aged American woman living abroad feels alone and out of place, so she seeks company from the local church and the Mothers' Union held there. However, as an atheist, the uptight nature of the church and its members leave the woman feeling unsettled.

A high school boy makes a habit of stealing cars, picking up girls, and skipping school. When he begins to worry that he is getting into too much trouble, the boy must decide whether to seek help or continue his criminal lifestyle.