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Two characters who are unknowingly tied up in the pursuit of the same businessman find themselves in rural Japan, hunted by supernatural forces.

Cowan will do anything to get revenge on the man who killed his own child and drove Cowan's lover to suicide.

Haunted by the ghost of his aunt's unfaithful husband, a university professor in California watches two married students that he is fond of go through a divorce.

An airport shop cashier sees the shoes of a ghost in the deserted terminal during her shift. She is haunted by the decaying figure during each of her shifts and even after she decides to leave.

In an attempt to mend her family's generational trauma, a young Black girl embarks on a four-day therapeutic retreat that will end in reconnecting with their enslaved ancestors.

The biggest drunk on Division Street is finally ready to tell his story, tracing his path from innocent boy to troubled adult in a ghostly tale of drinks and devils.

A white settler of the American West recounts the violence he and other white men committed against a Native American family, which results in ghostly hauntings and eventually his own death.

To generate positive publicity for her show, a TV celebrity in the American South attends the funeral service of one of her young fans, but ends up having a spiritual reckoning of her own while she's there.

Two sisters trick audiences nationwide with fake ghosts and a blissful afterlife known as Summerland to hide the truth - they've seen the other side of death, and it's full of violent monsters waiting to escape.

A town has frequent visits from phantom apparitions, and the townspeople have many explanations for the ghosts, ranging from disbelief to hallucination to the idea that humans and phantoms were once a single race.